Meet Our Farmers

We source the vast majority our beans from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  Our farmers are all neighbors in a community called Las Nubes (the clouds) located at the top of the mountain where they grow some incredible coffee at the edge of the rainforest.  Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a social enterprise created by American born turned Nicaraguan coffee farmer Ben Weiner.  

We have chosen to work with Ben for 4 reasons;

  1. His farmers are producing some of the best coffee in the world (like the type of quality that will help us to win roasting competitions),
  2. Gold Mountain has been awarded internationally for sustainability efforts and is continuously working on finding the least impactful way to grow coffee.,
  3. The focus at Gold Mountain is on eradicating poverty by improving the coffee that these farmers grow so that they can fairly ask for the best prices from roasters.  This is a mission we completely believe in., and finally
  4. Gold Mountain like us, believe in transparency.  They back up all claims with evidence.  

It seemed too good to be true so in January 2017 we took Ben up on his invitation and our family went to meet our famers.  We came back fully convinced that we are buying the best quality coffee we can that is grown and purchased in a manner that we can proud of.  And in August 2017 Ben traveled to Dayton to speak to our customers directly. We encourage you to follow our famers on their social media @GoldMountainCoffeeGrowers #knowwhereyourcoffeecomesfrom


Don santos

Don Santos and his wife Teresa have 10 children.  They employ 6 other family members full-time and many more during the harvest.  Since working with Gold Mountain their family now have electricity, much improved processing facilities and are able to feed their family all year.  You can see signs that they are lifting themselves out of poverty.  We are committed to buying from them every year.


dona antonia

A life-long coffee farmer Dona Antonia stands out as a woman farmer.  She, along with her children, grandchildren and extended family live and work on land their family has owned for others.  She says "A coffee tree is like a person.  If you do not give it nutrients it becomes gravely ill.  Humans are the same.  We all need proper nutrients."  Initially concerned about the concept of debt.  She has wisely used the loans Gold Mountain offered her to improve her coffee tremendously.


don isidro

When I shook Don Isidro's hand the rough texture instantly reminded me of my great-grandfather... an Ohio corn and soy bean farmer.  And like my Great Grandfather, Don Isidro is a quiet man whose eyes always seem to be smiling.  He and his multi-generational family grow incredible coffee at the top of the mountain.  Each bag we purchase from this man directly impacts the livelihood of several hundred people.  

Thailand... Beanspire Coffee

In Thailand coffee production is reserved for the Hill Tribe people who have been encouraged by the Thai King to grow coffee instead of Opium.  We have been following the producers at Beanspire on Instagram for a while and have been impressed with their transparency and efforts to improve the coffee quality.  Look for a roaster trip to origin the end of 2017.  Follow them @beanspire