The Roastery

We are very proud of our roaster... manufactured in California its the machine that the best coffee roasters in the world use.  Built in sensors measure humidity and temperature allowing us to accurately recreate our roast profiles across each batch.  And unlike most roasting machines, ours does not spew smoke into the room which allows us to open The Roastery to the public for tours and tastings.  We invite you to come learn not only about how we roast coffee but also how we choose the beans we buy.  Our company firmly believes that transparency is the key to maintaining integrity.  The whole family is welcome... we offer free tastings and have beans for sale.

Roast Schedule:

Wholesale orders placed by the end of the day Monday will be roasted Tuesday and delivered on Thursday.  Orders placed by the end of the day Friday will be roasted Saturday and delivered on Monday.

Open to the public for tours & tastings Saturday 8:30am to 12:30pm (and by appointment)

611 W. Yellow Springs - Fairfield Road Fairborn