Our wholesale program

Reza's Roast offers a wide variety of wholesale options from traditional bean delivery, to our Office Solution to Toll Roasting.  Being a small Dayton-based company means that customization is easy to do.  We distribute for a wide array of coffee brewing equipment companies and offer significant discounts to our wholesale customers.  We also provide both initial and on-going training for your staff and 24/7 availability for any coffee related problem you might encounter at no extra cost.  Despite many options some things remain constant; coffee beans whose quality and consistency is guaranteed thanks to the Loring roaster technology, ethical sourcing and next level customer service.

Our Director of Sales J. Stanton brings years of coffee world experience to the table.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to him with any questions. 

E: j.jstanton@icloud.com 

M: 937.878.7700